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26th Annual Barron/Cormier Ski Trip a Success

26th Annual Barron / Cormier Ski Trip

 Despite marginal ski conditions in the Rockies in February, we were once again able to convince eight skiers and one boarder to venture to Golden B.C. to tame the challenging Kicking Horse Resort.

 We all departed Red Deer on the afternoon of February 16. The weather was mild and sunny and the forecast looked similar for the next few days with a POSSIBILITY of some new snow in Golden.

 Jim Lyman was at the wheel of his limo van with Bob Boudreau, Robb Walker, and Bob’s farmer friend, Matt Richards. Luke piloted his Pilot with Damien Lagrange, and Jamie Flewelling, and John and I led the way in John’s Mustang – the idea being to arrive first and have first choice of bedrooms.

 Our accommodation, the luxurious Rundle House, was situated just a short walk from the gondola, nestled amongst the trees in the Village. It had a large outdoor hottub, a BarBQ on the deck, lots of space in the family room for us all to relax, enough bedrooms to comfortably sleep all of us, and a spacious kitchen for us all to enjoy our meals. After some frantic scrambling to claim bedrooms and unload, we regrouped and enjoyed some bevvies and began, what turned out to be, a fairly long eventful evening.

 As it turns out, Mormons, even though they do not drink themselves, are very competent at pouring shooters. As luck would have it, we had some very outstanding Tequila and with Robb’s steady hand pouring, the 2009 ski trip “officially” began. It was then off to “Local Hero’s”, a pub just a block from our house for food, more refreshments and entertainment. It wasn’t long before Jim, John, and Matt decided that their affinity for fine Scotch was something that we all should share. Several expensive rounds were ordered, but the appreciation of this foul-tasting whisky was not shared by most of us – especially when there were cheap jugs of beer available. As usual, the food at Local Hero’s was delicious and plentiful, and it was several hours later that we decided it was time to leave. Or maybe they were closing, I’m not sure. We literally had to drag Damien back to Rundle House.

 Before long, we were all in the hottub. Robb was bringing us drinks. Bob was blasting the music. There was plenty of laughter. And then, for me at least, it all began to blur…

 The next morning we awoke to sunny skies, -7 degrees and headaches. “Something up in the loft” had upset Damien and Matt’s stomach, resulting in a hasty dash down the ladder to the toilet. Well… Matt made the dash. Damien made a mess by his bed.

We enjoyed a typical firefighter’s breakfast –  eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, hashbrowns, coffee and OJ – before getting our boots on and skiing down to the gondola.

Conditions were not great, but not bad. Snow coverage was adequate. We found some soft snow on a few runs, but the day was perfect. Sunny for the most part, mild, and most importantly – no wind. Our group for the most part stayed together, but later on in the day, started to split up as people found their own way down this steep mountain.

 After riding all day, it was back to the house. And into the hot-tub with a few beers to loosen up the quads. For supper we enjoyed barbequed steak, corn on the cob and salad. The mood after supper was a little subdued. Jamie tried to teach us how to play beer-pong. But after only a few rounds, it seemed everyone was quite content sitting in front of the fire.

 Our second day on the hill was even better than the first. No doubt due to everyone getting more rest the night before. We found some different lines, and enjoyed another fine day in the mountains. Matt insisted on buying us all a beer in the Eagle’s Eye restaurant perched on the top of the mountain with a spectacular view . A round that cost him about $75. We left the resort late that afternoon, and were back in Red Deer by 9pm, tired and sore.

 Next year, the 27th Annual, we may try Panorama, or go back to Fernie where we enjoyed some phenomenal conditions a few years ago. As always, everyone is welcome to come. But you gotta bring skis or a board.

Submitted by Peter Barron.