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Hockey Team Drops First Game in Anchorage

The much anticipated 2009 IAFF hockey tournament in Anchorage, Alaska kicked off Tuesday and it was a case of the nerves for the team.  The team was originally slated to play in the C division but was bumped up into the B division a couple of weeks prior to the tournament. 

Game one was against Greater Victoria who normally plays in the “A” division.  Victoria lead the scoring with 8 quick goals and our will was crushed.  Just kidding, but the final score was 8 -4 with red deer goals being scored by Bouchard, Davies, and Carritt.  Erickson with a few helpers and all others might as well stayed home.   Stelmaschuk was outstanding in goal making all kinds of big saves against the former pros.  Rudolph was awarded the player of the game by the team. Part of that title is for him to hand out the pink gloves and orange helmet to another player of his choosing as the Burns Sausage Useless Player of the Game.  He handed that award to Hollman who will wear them next game.  That guy stunk and played the worst game ever and was cheered by fans everytime he left the ice.

On a lighter note, we did out skate the Victoria Players who were obviously exhausted.  One of their players purged on the bench half way through the second.  It was contagious and Cave hugged the bench garbage for a short time in response.  It was the first time in two periods of hockey that “mother natures little mishap” made a good move. 

Today sees the team playing saskatoon at 1:30 local time (midnight red deer time).   As of this writing 10 am local time, the troops are battered,toxic and in no shape to bowl never mind play hockey. 

further updates and maybe some pictures to follow when i feel better.