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North to Alaska

This year Red Deer Firefighters hockey club will be competing in the annual hockey tournament which will be hosted by Local 1264, in Anchorage, Alaska.  The tournament which was started in Kamloops over 30 years ago is an annual event in which fire fighters from across Canada and the Western United States gather to compete against each other in a week long tournament.  There are typically 40 teams in 4 different divisions with skills ranging from ex pro players in the A division to the weekend recreation player that may have just started playing or wants to have a lot of fun without the intense competition.  Bragging rights go to the winners and memories of how close you were for the others.

Red Deer has hosted the event in the past, last time being in 2003.  “We plan on hosting it again in 2010.  Although it is a lot of work to put on such a large event it is well worth it…whenever we go to these tournaments the other guys are always asking when are you guys(Red Deer) going to put it on again.”  Manager of the B team Kevin Stelmaschuk said in an interview.  “Red Deer typically sends two teams to the tournament, but this year we are only sending one.  I think it’s because of the distance and the cost of the flights.”  Said Stelmaschuk.  The tournament will be heading to Alaska for the first time in its history, with the dates being April 6-10, 2009.