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Reg Dunlop…Where are You?

The Saskatoon flatlanders came head on with us today in a battle of epic proportion.  The epic portion of the battle was the 17 man ex pro bench for Saskatoon.  The Red Deer Dirty Dozen was unable to keep pace despite our superior physical conditioning.  Paul Witting’s nephew (who can’t be named as he appears underage) started off the scoring with a garbage goal to put us out front by one.  From there it was all toon town.  Physical exhaustion from the short bench and upset stomachs from bad fish the previous evening and a cardboard cutout of Baumbach in the net led us to our demise.  The flatlanders buried five weak unanswered and maybe even unnoticed by some goals.  The Ikea Swedish meatball of the game was Adam Erickson,  the pink gloves  will look good on him and bring out his feminine side.

 The evenings events  led us to a social with all the teams at the local pub.  First to greet us at the social was none other  than the distinguished Anchorage fire chief.  A man held in the highest regard by the membership and, in this interviewers mind, for good reason.  Acutely aware of the base crews concerns and the spirit of the department, he’s a champ.  Tyler Hirsche finally found a seat by the pool, turns out it’s frozen over.  The fish at the social may have been bad yet again, as the team was unwell again come morning.

 Thursdays match saw a total mismatch of skill against the host Anchorage “B” team.  Jim Lyman lead the scoring early in the first period with a well placed shot through the five hole. This goal seen anchorage take the lead 1-0.  The remaining two periods were a train wreck with Anchorage hanging an absolute beating on the Dirty Dozen with no mercy up to and including the final whistle.  It was horrible, unnerving and demoralizing for the dirty dozen, leading some players to question “who’s gonna save us now?”.   Baring the obvious answer of Jesus, we look to our goaltending for salvation.  Stelmaschuk’s pinnacle of productivity turned out to be building snow men beside the net.  As if the dirty dozen were not in enough trouble leading up to the contest, late additions to the roster for the anchorage killers were such nefarious pros  Dr. Hook Tim  Mckracken,  Ogie Oglethorpe, Clarence “screaming buffalo” Swamptown, and  Andre “poodle” Lussier who has been  living in semi seclusion by the beaufort sea ever since the unfortunate Denny Pratt tragedy.

The burns useless  sausage player of the game was a toss up between all members of the dirty dozen.  By virtue of a 12 way tie, the default winner automatically goes to Steve Kozelenko. 

 Not believing in this “Red Tide” we will try the fish again tonight.  We will keep you posted.

 Reg Dunlop where have you gone?

Trying to capture the spirit of the thing,